Pets are welcome, as long as animals pose no threat or noise disturbance to One Good Taste customers or other RV Park renters.  Pets must be kept on a leash when outside of RV and not left unattended outside.  Feces left by the pet must be bagged and disposed.

Youth, under the legal age of 18, shall be supervised at all times by parent/guardian and adhere to all park rules. 

One Good Taste and Country Gardens RV Park shall not be liable for any loss of property by fire, theft, burglary or otherwise from said RV Park, including accidental damage to person or property in or about the same property.  One Good Taste LLC also is not responsible for actions of other guests of the RV Park or Country Store, or damages caused by acts of God.

Renter shall also obey the following RV Park Rules for the benefit of all campers and staff of Country Gardens RV Park:
Place all trash in dumpster at southwest corner of the RV Park.Daily guests may also leave bagged trash at site before 11 a.m., to be picked up by Country Gardens’ staff.

Do not store combustible goods or materials, which unreasonably increase the risk of fire or explosion, on the property.  No open fires of any kind.  All grills must remain on non-combustible surfaces, not on picnic tables.

Do not park, or permit to be parked, any more than one (1) passenger vehicle directly on the rental space.  No commercial trucks or trailers may be parked at this RV Parking location.  No vehicles or other items shall be parked or stored beyond the boundaries of the lot rented in this agreement, i.e. adjoining empty lot.

No washing of RV units is allowed in the Park.

No loitering around other guests' RV or vehicles.

Due to close proximity to other guests, smoking is allowed ONLY inside personal vehicles, campers or RVs, or on the east side of the Country Store in designated area.

While running heating or cooling equipment for RV unit, windows in the RV unit shall remain closed to conserve electricity usage in Country Gardens RV Park.

In temperatures below 30 degrees, RV owner shall provide heat tape on water line entering RV unit so breakage and water leak does not develop.

Renter(s) shall not permit loud or obnoxious sounds or activities which interfere with the peace of the RV Park and Store.

Renter(s) shall not permit the presence of illegal drugs or under-aged use of tobacco or alcohol on RV Park property.

Use of coin laundry, game room, and horseshoes shall be limited to registered Country Gardens RV Park guests. Please leave facilities in usable and safe condition for other guests, or Renter(s) shall be required to leave property.

All damages caused by renter, including established grass, driveway, and all other property at Country Gardens RV Park shall be repaired at the “Renter's" expense.

All driveways shall not be obstructed, nor used for any other purposes than enter into or exit from the premises.

Should One Good Taste LLC incur any attorney’s fees, court costs or other expenses to enforce this contract, “Renter” agrees to pay all costs incurred.